What's THETA ?
We are a group of professionals specialized in planning,
shooting, and editing live-action VR videos.

We provide high-resolution and high-quality
180° and 360° STEREO VR videos.
Three Key Points for
Creating High-quality VR Videos
Application of
Human Senses
Two camera lenses are used like human eyes, and our technologies closely reproduce a 3D effect. We thereby attain the point where human senses intersect with the cameras.

Besides visual information, we also incorporate cross modal perceptions such as sound and touch to provide optimal live-action VR content.
Unique Equipment and
Editing Workflow
To produce a true stereoscopic effect, the shooting equipment and editing process need to be continually refined.

We therefore developed our own camera rigs (patent pending) to produce very high-quality VR videos.
Original Viewer
We are developing Stereo TB 180°/360° and Stereo SBS 180°/360° viewers.

Our viewers enable an ideal immersive experience in our high-quality VR videos.
Professionals making it all possible...
Masahiko Suzuki
CEO / UX Designer
While at INCS .inc, worked in 3D modeling software design. Then worked in UX design at a web production company. Worked in Experience Design using VR on various occasions. Also researched the recognition characteristics of visual stimuli. Graduated from Tohoku University with an M.A. in Information Science.
Eisuke Takahashi
CTO / Director
Worked in post-production for 10 years.
As the Inferno Editor, worked as an online editor. He then became a Director.
Directed TV commercials, music videos, CI, web movies, and other works.
For live-action VR productions, he does the planning, direction, editing, and compositing.
Hiroshi Shoji
Worked as a studio assistant and location assistant before becoming a freelance cameraman.
Specializes in people, product catalogs, and food photography.
At THETA, he shoots VR as well as still photos and videos.
Takashi Kurihara
Interned at a startup company while in college. Entered a website company and became a web director. Developed an interest in VR and joined THETA Corporation. Currently works as an Editor. Graduated from the Faculty of Law at
Kokushikan University in 2014.