Core Technology
THETA's Core Technologies
Awesome VR experience for
everyone in the world.
Camera Equipment
To enable steady, live-action film shooting, we developed, improved, and made our own camera rig.
Editing Workflow for
Mass Production
Developed our own editing workflow to enable mass production while retaining high quality.
Development of
Dedicated Viewers
Stereo TB 180°/360°
Stereo SBS 180°/360°
viewers under development.
Patent-Pending Camera Equipment
The VR content provided by THETA are stereoscopic videos shot by two cameras equipped with high-resolution, high-sensitivity sensors.

Unlike with conventional 360° monoaural VR content, we have to pay close attention to the following when we shoot:

・Prevention of misaligned cameras and distortion.
・Attaining highly precise camera positioning.

We have developed our own original camera rig.

Our original camera rig enables us to steadily shoot high-quality VR footage."
Editing Workflow for Mass Production
The mass production of VR movies is known to be quite difficult.

Major reasons:
・Special editing technology is required.
・PC specifications are inadequate.

Our editing workflow enables the mass production of VR movies without affecting the quality."
Development of Dedicated Viewers
We are developing Stereo TB 180°/360° and Stereo SBS 180°/360° viewers.

The viewers enable an ideal immersive experience in the high-quality VR videos we produce.